The Motorola Solutions Foundation Endowed Award Winner

April 30, 2019

Thanks to Motorola, Harper annually recognizes a faculty member with the Motorola Solutions Foundation Endowed Award for Teaching Excellence. At Tuesday evening’s Convocation Ceremony, Matt Blakely, Executive Director of Motorola Solutions Foundation, presented the award to Kevin Long.

Kevin teaches Theatre and Speech and directs productions for the Harper Ensemble Theatre Company. He consistently creates a classroom environment in which students feel safe to explore their talents and share their unique perspectives. He approaches his production work as an extension of the classroom, integrating it into the teaching and learning process.

In his acceptance speech, Kevin spoke about being blessed with “dedicated angels on earth” – educators who challenged and pushed him to develop his talents and pay it forward. “It is my privilege and my honor to go the extra mile for my students so that they too can become the best versions of themselves.” Watch Convocation and Kevin’s full speech (starting at 23 minutes, 50 seconds)

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