Shakespeare Whispers in Your Ear by Kevin Long

March 6, 2020

HAVE YOU EVER watched a Shakespearean production and felt as though the actors were speaking a foreign language? After seeing the production, did you leave more confused than you were walking into the theatre? Did hearing the dialogue remind you of the way Charlie Brown hears his teacher: “Whamp whaaa. Whamp whamp whamp whamp whaaaaaa?”

If your experience was not positive, perhaps you thought, “Why all this fuss about a writer no one understands?” Then, you learn you must prepare a classical piece for an upcoming college audition.

Would you like to unlock the secret to performing Shakespeare’s work? Have no fear. Shakespeare, himself, is here for you, now and always. You just have to pay attention to the clues the Bard left in his First Folio, the original published collection of his plays.

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